to forcefully discard a workflow if certain condition match

Hi All,
I have one requirement, I have schedule one workflow on knime server.
In that workflow I am searching for one trigger file in the starting point of workflow and if that file is not available in the desired path then with the help of fail in execution node I am forcefully failing that workflow, In addition to it I want to discard this job instance as well in the scheduler.
Currently in scheduler window I have chosen discard workflow job after execution option in standard job option which discard every job instance on both failure and success.
I don’t want to discard if job ran successfully. Kindly suggest on the same.

Hi @sahil786 ,

With KNIME Server 4.12, released in Dec 2020, we introduced the option to discard jobs on success, failure, or both, see here:

Hope this is what you’re looking for :slight_smile:



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