to move the column up (specified ID range)

I want to move upwards according to ROW ID. (such as cut and paste)
match the data in the other columns and the data in the row I want to move
how can I do it ?


Move one cell up the end column without losing the data in other columns. according to the specified ROWID


  1. Duplicate shifting column say by Rule Engine.
  2. shift column by Lag Column Node.
  3. Use Rule Engine to replace value for specific rowID’s
  4. Get rid of added column by Column Filter.
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thanks for the answer. I wonder if you could add a sample workflow.

What about something like this? Afterward just use the Column Filter and/or Column Rename nodes to clean up as needed.


LookAheadShiftExample.knwf (7.0 KB)


Or maybe this is too simple for what you need, if you must include RowIDs. Something to think about, anyway.


thanks for the answer.
I need to get a cell up in the entire column then I’ll delete unnecessary lines.
But I couldn’t figure out how to move the entire column without affecting the others. (I have to remove the peak at the top)

The sample you sent will definitely work. So many thanks :slight_smile: I can solve this method.

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wow thank you, I also needed exactly what you have posted! Great solution!