to separate words in a line word by word or to separate irregular words with a space of one character

I want to separate the words in the line word by word or to separate the irregular words with a character space, thus removing the irregularities in the text. I’ve searched the forum a lot but couldn’t find a solution that matches exactly.

Example : " KurzinfoLeistungen und ErzeugnisseBauleistungen "
after editing : " Kurzinfo Leistungen und Erzeugnisse Bauleistungen "

A general solution is required, since all data is a combination of different words. There is no specific reference word.

Hi @umutcankurt

Is the uppercase character an indicator of where to insert a blank character before ?
If so, you could use a string manipulator with the following regex instruction:

regexReplace( $column1$, "([A-Z])", " $1") 

Hope this helps.



Hi @aworker
Thanks for the answer. It will be a reference for me to find a solution. :+1: :wink:

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Thank you @umutcankurt !
Glad to help you any time :slight_smile:

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