Too many decimals after "Unique concatenate"

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In workflow 1 I created a variable with a Math Formula and rounded it to 2 decimals using the Round function. At the end of the workflow I export all data with a Table Writer.
In workflow 2 I import all data with a Table Writer. I then rename the above variable to “v_Price (corrected)”. At this stage I do not explicitly use a Round function, because I already did that in workflow 1. Also, I can see that the variable actually has 2 decimal places for all rows.

Now comes the problem: when I use a GroupBy node and perform a Unique Concatenate (both with and without count) on “v_Price (corrected)”, the resulting table shows a lot of occurrences with way more then 2 decimals.

The problem does not occur if I explicitly round “v_Price (corrected)” (again) before the GroupBy.

Any ideas if this is supposed to happen?

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I would suggest converting first to string the double columns you want to concatenate. You can easily do this using for instance the rename node. Hope this is of help.

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Thanks for the suggestion. For my use it is then easier to explicitly round the value with a Math Formula before I apply the GroupBy. This also solves the problem. But it just does not make sense to me that the GroupBy node creates a lot of decimals for numbers that have been rounded in a previous workflow and only contain 2 decimals for all occurrences. Therefore I was wondering if this is intended or if it is a bug.

Hi @Martinjn

I have already experienced this problem in other programming languages. It is probably related to how the cpu internally codes floats and doubles in floating-point and how this is handled in Knime when converting to string. A Knime Team member would certainly provide a better answer to your question of whether this can be considered as a bug.

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Hi @Martijn,
please first check your source table if V_Price (corrected) realy have only 2 digits. You can do this by setting the renderer for this column to full precision to see if the problem is related to the groupby node or not.


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Thanks BR. The insight of the full precision helped to spot the problem.

Full precision already shows more decimals for v_Price (corrected). It is renamed from UOM_Price (corrected) and full precision also shows more decimals here. I then noticed that I did not explicitely round UOM_Price (corrected) to 2 decimals. I remember not explicitely rounding it because it is the sum of 2 variables that have explicitely been rounded.

So now we know that the problem is not caused by the GroupBy, but by the Math Formula that calculates UOM_Price (corrected). Apparantly, adding two variables that have been rounded to 2 decimals (also only 2 decimals visible with full precision) can lead to a new variable with more than 2 decimals.

Hi there @Martijn,

You mind sharing simple example where this can be seen?


Hi Ivan,

Attached an example.

“P3” adds “P1 (rounded)” and “P2 (rounded)”. Both are rounded to 2 decimals as confirmed by looking at full precision. Initially “P3” appears to only have 2 decimals, but full precision shows that “P3” obtained decimals out of nowhere.

Appearing extra decimals.knwf (90.0 KB)

Hi there @Martijn,

tnx for sharing example. This is actually easy to reproduce and is Java related (tnx @Mark_Ortmann). Check here for explanation:



Thanks. Interesting read. I’ll just make sure to explicitly round from now on.

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