top data visualization tools

What are the top data visualization tools?


In my opinion and as Gartner Magic Quadrant says, Power BI and Tableau are the top applications for BI and visualization.
I myself found Tableau somehow better but Power BI as well is a great tool and also easier to learn. (Tableau has also great tutorials at its website)

In KNIME there are various visualization and reporting tools. Beside integrated Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire, KNIME has provided those visualization nodes in view category (specially those JavaScript views) which let you visualize data nicely, and a great open source BI tool named BIRT which lets you create perfect reports using its visualizations and other reporting features.

I hope this was what you were looking for.


It’s my favorite one. AtomicusChart® chart is amidst the best solutions for visualization of big data, not to mention it is completely free. The platform offers a plethora of visualization types, from simpler pie charts and time series to multi-dimensional interactive matrixes.

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Thank u for answer , Armin ! Can I use this tools for large volumes of data (including big data) ?

Who can help me ?

Armin , are u here ?

I’m sorry, I was busy for a while and couldn’t be active in forum. Good news! I’m back! :sweat_smile:

I don’t see any problem using the tools for large volumes of data. I believe you can do data science with KNIME at any scale.

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