Topic detection LDA

I tried to follow the example of “Topic Modeling on PubMed Documents related to preselected diseases” to find related papers among 1080 papers for my project by imorting csv file. Everything worked fine until the tagging step, while I couldn’t see the abstracts below. Can you help me fix this issue?

Hi @reza_nadaf and welcome to the forum.

I suspect this is due to the way document cells are rendered in KNIME tables, without more information it’s hard to be sure. What do you mean when you say “I couldn’t see the abstracts below”, can you be more specific or provide a screenshot?

Dear @ScottF
Unlike your NLP webinar, I cannot see the abstracts and also the names of authors below the word cloud

Perhaps you could upload your workflow in progress? Then we could take a look at the configuration and setup of the view nodes in that component.

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@reza_nadaf the KNIME verified components mentioned here should be able to process meta data - maybe you take a look

Dear @mlauber71 @ScottF

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your guidance and sharing. My lack of response does not mean that I am ignoring your collaboration. I need more time and understanding of the prerequisites for implementing the nodes.

My delayed response isn’t meant to disregard your collaboration efforts. I’m currently in the research phase, and I need some additional time to fully grasp the prerequisites for implementing the nodes.

Ideally, I’d love to find an academic partner to collaborate with on implementing and publishing our ideas, leveraging the platform’s extensive capabilities.

Thank you again for your support

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