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I have a workflow containing nodes, components covering nodes only, and components covering other components (multi-level component structure). I wonder what is the total number of all nodes being executed while workflow is run, including all nodes ‘hidden’ in components and components within components.

‘Timer Info’ counts KNIME bricks, so component is counted as 1 element only.

I have also tried Vernalis ‘Benchmark Start’ / “Benchmark End’ and ‘Benchmark Start (Memory Monitoring)’ / “Benchmark End (Memory Monitoring)’ nodes, however they don’t count nodes.

Could you please suggest how to count all executed nodes?

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Hello @Kazimierz ,

don’t know if it can help you, but here’s a way to calculate the number of nodes of a workflow. Quite artisanal, but seems to work.

Copy and paste the absolute path to the folder containing the workflow inside the List folder/files node.

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Raffaello Barri


an old-school linux approach here: i use the ‘find’ command syntax to count the number of nodes in the KNIME ‘target workflow directory’ structure.

$ find “target-workflow-directory” -type d -name “(#)” | wc -l


linux knime 5.1.x


Hello @lelloba

Your solution works like a charm.
Thank you so much,

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@marzukim thank you for your suggestion

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