Tracing a Javascript Download


I know this is not a purely Selenium question, but hopefully, you can help anyways :wink: I am using selenium to search records on a website. There is a CSV download button on the page that triggers some JS. I would like to trigger that link in selenium so I can load the CSV directly into a table vs downloading and parsing. Any idea how to do that> The URL is?[CCV]=on&court[CCR]=on&court[MCV]=on&court[MCR]=on&court[CDR]=on&court[COA]=on&lname=CALDWELL&fname=RONNIE&dob=12%2F27%2F1956&cname=&datelimit_beg=&datelimit=&recaptcha_response=#

Again, instead of browsing and clicking and downloading I just want to create the URLs dynamically and just load the CSV in my workflow.

Any ideas?

Thank you