Trackmate Tracker - additional features?

Hi again everybody,

I have another one, this time for a different project:
I am using a KNIME workflow that tracks worms on a plate to analyse their behavior. The tracking part is done by the Trackmate Tracker node which is related to the Fiji Trackmate plugin. This is working great so far but I was wondering whether it would be possible to let the node compute more sophisticated details, i.e. those that are performed by the Track analysis extension mentioned here (e.g MEAN_DIRECTIONAL_CHANGE_RATE). Alternatively, I was looking for a way to extract the X and Y (centroid) positions of the tracks in each frame automatically, so that I can maybe compute some of these features on my own. By default it only provides me with the averaged location in X and Y.

Any ideas?

Hi Fritz,
if you append the following node to the Trackmate Tracker:

you can calculate the centroid of each track timepoint when you select just X and Y in the Dimension Selection. This should give you a start :slight_smile:



Hi Gabriel,

Ah the feature calculator, I always forget that it also works only on labellings with no corresponding image. I only tried the segment features node, which did not work.
Feature Calculator does the job!
Thanks a lot!

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