Training Using The Platform

Hi, Everyone

I am very new to Knime and need help using the platform. I have been able to find my way around the platform in a very basic manner, but want to be able to use the platform to its fullest extent. My question, and forgive me Mod if I am not allowed to do this, would anyone be willing to train me for a few hours using it for the task I have at hand. I would be willing to pay for your time. I just need someone to teach me.

If able, and interested, email me at


Hello @mkaplan603 -

We offer some self-training at We’re in the process of updating it, but it’s still a great place to start!

Another option is our online course for beginners, which is starting up again on January 9. I’ll be teaching this time around - come join us! More info, along with registration, is here:


Thanks, Scott

That class might be exactly what I need to get the ball rolling, I am going to look into taking it.

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