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Hello, guys.
How I can transfer datas from one file to another empty file? In Knime
For example: I have two Excel reader nodes. I have to fill second file, and take datas from the first.

Hi @Nury, if I understand you question correct:

  1. Open source files for reading (you don’t need to open the empty one for reading)
  2. Do your operations on the data of the first one
  3. Create an Excel Writer node
  4. Link the data to this Excel Writer
  5. Configure the Excel Writer to write into the second (empty) file. You just have to check “Overwrite” within config.


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Hi, @Jrole , thanks for reply!

Ex. I have File with data (A), and second file is file (form) (B). I have to copy data in the column “Product” (A), and paste to the column “Name” (B). How can I do it Knime? Thanks in advance!

Ah, your second file is not empty, it already has column headers! That’s something different.

“Product” will be “Name”, “Date” = “Date”, ok. What happens with “Price” and where does “Size” come from?
Perhaps reading both in, concatenate, column filter, rename, Excel writer will be the solution. (You can use the “Table Manipulator” node instead of a combination of column filter and rename, too).

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Yeah, It’s just an example. If I do this at least with one column, others I can add from different documents with joiner node. Thank you, I will try to do as you said…

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