Transfer external java library in meta node to teamspace server

Hello everybody,

I have developed a meta node that contains a Java snippet. In this snippet I need an external Java library. The meta node is then to be distributed on the Teamspace server.

Is it possible to distribute the external library as well? With normal workflows I would use the relative path, unfortunately this does not help me here.

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Hi @mheitzhausen, i haven’t tried it out myself but look at the recent blog post of KNIME:

Headline: Keeping Your Data with Your Workflow
That might help you.

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Hi @MH,

thanks for your reply. In this case I have no workflow to keep data in. So when I create a new workflow group, add a workflow with my meta node and then save it to our server repository, it still loses the java library.

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Hi @mheitzhausen,

There is no real solution for this at the moment. The problem is that even though can manually add a data folder to a metanode template, this folder is ignored when copying the template to a workflow. There is currently a ticket open to fix this. I will add your request to the ticket and keep you posted on the development.