Transfer File node used on Knime Business Hub server File connection node error


I want to transfer file which is uploaded from the file upload widget to Azure Blob Storage. So the current workflow looks like this.

It works well on local but this workflow should be done on the knime server. And when I upload this workflow and execute this, it gives a file connection node error.
I think it’s because the connection token for Azure Blob Storage is not anymore available on the server, do you have any idea for this transferring node can be done on the server too using Azure connection node ?
Thank you.

Hi @PUKimSu,

Just to double check a few things before going furhter with the Authentication node:

  • You have the Widget node in a component and when you run the workflow on Hub as a DataApp, you choose a file on your local machine and it gets uploaded successfully.
  • You have included the file path flow variable in the component output which is then passed to the Transfer Files node.
  • The error comes from the Microsoft Authentication node.

Would you confirm that all I stated above is correct in your case?

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