Transfer Files + FTP Connector: Error during read from data connection

I am trying to use Transfer Files (Table) together with the FTP Connector.
It works for most files, but some specific files do fail and I don’t know why.

The error I am getting is:

WARN  Transfer Files (Table) 5:231:247:244 /f7/f73e949cbab5fcd2a8140c249858cf9516f01982c488e7db67fa94c5fd117065.pdf:451-Error during read from data connection
451-Transfer aborted
451 0.007 seconds (measured here), 1.08 Mbytes per second

I tried the same file multiple times, but it keeps failing.
It transfers the first 8192 bytes of the file and then it fails.
Other files work fine. (~160 files out of 8000 failed)
Using a different program to upload the file works as well.
The logs on the server side look unsuspicious.

Here is my config

Hello @masgo,

Can you also share the KNIME log for this issue. It will help us to understand the issue further? The log can be viewed from View → Open KNIME log .


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