Transfer Learning with Mask R CNN

I am planning to explore whether we can do object detection in images (and later on segmentation) in KNIME using Transfer learning with Mask R CNN and COCO weights. I’m not too familiar with Python itself, and would like to ask if there are any sample codes I can use, as I want to use the Python Script nodes in order to import the transfer learning into KNIME. If there are any resources out there that can help me, do link it down below!

Thank you

Hi @june,

we do have a couple of examples for transfer learning on the KNIME Hub, that might help you as a starting point.

This example workflow shows how you can perform transfer learning using Python Code.

In addition it is also possible to perform transfer learning in a low code fashion using the Keras Integration

I’m not familiar of an example for Mask R CNN, but it would be great to have one in the future :slight_smile:


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