Transform exel formula to knime

I have one question. How I can transfer formula from exel to knime?
Formula is: IF(E103>E102;1;IF(AND(E103=E102;ABS(B103-B102)>0,013);1;""))
in column E is 14 numbers long number and in column B is time.
This formula must be in new column and in every row
Can someone help my with this?

Hi @Tony105 and welcome to the KNIME community !

Is it possible for you to post a minimalist Excel example with data on which you are applying this formula? From there, I will try to provide you with a solution as a KNIME workflow.




Hi there @Tony105,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Agree with @aworker. Also if you explain formula with words it could help. Not everybody is Excel fan :slight_smile:

You can check this topic as it is similar and additionally here is book that can ease transition from Excel:

Hope this helps!



What I understand from a quick look to your xls formula:
You could make use of the lag column node
Using that node you will get the elements of both rows in one row but different columns. Then do the rest of the very strange stuff of calculation with that row and it’s columns.


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