Transformation affected when changing source file

When I update the source file my handling happens to be changed. The file only changed the month. This is normal? It shouldn’t affect the configuration I made.

Hi @Aldemir

What Reader node are you using here? File Reader or CSV Reader node?

Sorry I forgot to inform. Excel Reader.

No worries! :slight_smile: So I am on KNIME AP 4.7.0 and I could not reproduce that behavior. When I configured it to read numbers as strings, modified the Excel file (added rows, changed the number), and re-executed the node, the column is still being read in as string as I configured it.

Could you please tell me which version you are working on? Might be an older one, because my Excel Reader doesn’t have the encoding tab. Also, what were the changes in the file you read in? Did you change the location?

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The knime’s version is 4.6.1.
I think the problem is the archive’s formatation. It was exported from SAP BW (Bex Analyser). The format is .xlsx, but there is a sheet named Bexrepositorysheet). When I reset set the first select. I need to change for “Table”. See the figure.

What about bringing the sheet name in via flow variable to avoid the issue?

I agree with iCFO. You can easily create flow variables using the Variable Creator node. Is that a workaround?

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@Aldemir also consider this option. Sometimes you currently need to force the reader to actually use the name (AP-18133).


Ok @mlauber71 you expanded my brain! I have so many solutions I’m loving having problems with Knime! Thank you all for your help!

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