Transformation node not working


I am using the Indigo Molecule transformation node in a workflow. It used to work perfectly but now it produces missing cell instead of transformed structures. I have not changed the transformations (reactions) and I tried it even with the molecules that used to work but it's giving the same error. I have 2 different versions of knime installed and same thing for both! Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!


Hi keemo,

I cannot reproduce the issue you are describing. Could you attach a primitive sample demonstrating the behavior. Also the following information would be helpfull: platform you're working on, knime versions (both) you're using, kind of client (KNIME or KNIME SDK), type of your OS.

Which update site do you use if you do?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Anton,


Thanks a lot for your answer. I think the problem was related to the version 1.1.13 of Indigo.

The version that works is 1.1.4.

I hope this helps other people.