Transforming X Y coordinates into Lat Long

Hi There,

I have X, Y coordinates and want to transform them to Lat en Long coordinates for Open Street Map.

The format of de columns is:

X_Coordinate Y_Coordinate
185930.432 384849.067

Any help?


Hi @Liselotte -

What is the coordinate system of your original data? It looks like it might be UTM, except that the Y_coordinate might be missing a digit. If it is UTM, there are some free online converter tools you can use (e.g.

Alternately, you could do the conversion yourself using an R Snippet node with the proj4 package. Example here:

If it’s not UTM, let me know and I’ll see what other options might be available.

Hi ScottF,

Thank you for your answer. The coordinates are Dutch ‘Rijksdriehoeksoordinaten’.
Any thoughts on that?



Hi @Liselotte -

I was not familiar with the Dutch coordinate system, but I did a bit of digging online and found this:

It contains some functions in Python and R to convert between the Rijksdriehoek and WGS84 coordinate systems. Once you get the data into WGS84 format, conversion to Lat/Lon can be done using a number of different built-in functions.

You could implement this within our Python Snippet or R Snippet nodes.

Dear Scott,

Thank you for the link. I thank this will work!