translate the DNA sequences into amino acid sequences

i have a string of letters in a row. and
All three letters represent one amino acid. How can I filter for this string?

Hi @saraef,

Please provide some examples of the strings and your desired output.


for example:

And what is your desired output?

Do you want to split the string in groups of 3 letters long?

Yes. I want to compare all three letters with my list of amino acid names and
Specify the name of each acid in the output

Which one is your desired output?


after that It is then necessary to compare each column with the names of the acids (for example ARG:Arginin)

Which table represents your desired output? The first one or the second one?

the second one is bether

Here is the workflow:

DNA_split.knwf (31.1 KB)



thank so much for your help

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