Transpose - Are column types preserved or re-interpreted?


it just incurred to me that once after a transpose the column type is set to unknown. But after another transpose, the column types are back to normal. Only empty columns see, to cause issues.

That begs the questions how that works? Are column types preserved somehow or re-interpreted after the 2nd transpose?

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Hi @mwiegand

I created a dummy value which added a column with a letter in it. When transposed a second time it does change from missing to string.


I’m not sure how deep it looks but in your test case if there was a value there then it seems you are good. Even if it doesn’t but there are values in there you could use string manipulate or auto type cast to get it back.

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@j_ochoada thanks for your reply. Maybe I wasn’t specific enough in my initial comment. My primary question was about how the column type is preserved or if the 2nd transpose triggers an auto-cast itself.

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