Transpose Node Yields Loss of Data Type

When using the transpose node, the data type and precision of data are lost.  Would appreciate any insight that you might have.


Hi Bradley,

yes the data type sometimes is lost. You can recreate most of it using the "Column Auto Type Cast" node.

What do you mean by the precision is lost? Can you give me an example?

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

Data input to the transpose node enters has precision to 2 decimal places (to the right).  Output data has precision to many more places.  This may be due to the loss of data type. 


The Column Auto Type Cast node that you recommended did the trick.  Thank you Iris.

Hi Brad,

maybe one more comment. What you see in a KNIME table views are only visualiziations of the data. you can change these by right clicking on the column and changing the renderer. For double column select full precision to see all digits.

Best, Iris