Transpose Node

I have a very big data (about 20k rows)- I’m using Transpose and it is very slow! Any way to do transpose faster?


If possible, try to avoid transposing large tables. If your workflow allows it, use a Chunk Loop Start node to transpose a few rows at a time, process these, and add the result to the original table after the loop using a Column Appender.

If you really cannot avoid transposing the whole table, you can try using the GroupBy node to combine all 20000 elements in a list, and transpose that.

Thanks for your reply. I need to have the table transposed and then i need to process.
I didn’t get how to group all the values in the rows to a list ?

Hi @malik!

How long does it last? I tried with 50k rows and 200 column and it took less than 20 seconds so I would say 20k is not lot data unless you have a lot of columns. How many column you have? You can increase chunk size and give KNIME more memory in knime.ini configuration file.