Transpose (rows to additional columns)

Greetings All,

I am trying to do some data processing in KNIME, but i need some assistance. 

I have data in a table, but i need to copy the complete dataset into 1 row, and while doing so, rename the new columns with the orignal row identifier and the column identifier. See simplified examples below. 

Example of Data
  X Y
Date 01    
Date 02    
Date 03    
Final Data Set
Date01_X Date01_Y Date02_X Date02_Y Date03_X Date03_Y


Once done, i then need to run some checks on the data, such that if any 3 consecutive data entires are 0. then i need to make the last entry a 1. 

Can any advise on this on how to acheive this?

Many thanks in advance. 



this is done with the Pivoting node.

Best, Iris