Tree Ensemble Model Extract not working for Regression


I used a Tree Ensemble Learner (Regression) node and I want to save it to a PMML file. Can someone guide me in how to do that?

I saw in a different post when you use a Tree Ensemble Learner for Classification you can use the following sequence to save it to a PMML file: 

Tree Ensemble Model Extract -> Table to PMML Ensemble -> PMML Writer.

I tried and it works for classification.

But this sequence does not work when I use a Tree Ensemble Learner for Regression. It gives me the folllwing error message:

Tree Ensemble Model Extract        Execute failed: org.knime.base.node.mine.treeensemble.model.TreeModelRegression cannot be cast to org.knime.base.node.mine.treeensemble.model.TreeModelClassification

From this error I understand that Tree Ensemble Model Extract works only for classification. Is it correct?

I found the resolution. I can save it using a Model Writer node.

But it will be nice to have the answers for both of my questions.




Same problem here. It would be good to know if the tree ensamble regression model can be exported to PMML. In my opinion it would be very useful to have this option working.