Triggering a workflow from Tableau Server


is there a way to trigger a Server-side KNIME workflow via mouse click in a Tableau Server environment which processes and finally updates the data on the Tableau Server again?

Thanks a lot!

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Dear @mstephan,

I’d suggest to trigger execution of a workflow via REST. Is there a possibility in your Tableau Server environment to do REST calls?


Dear @Marten_Pfannenschmidt,

Thank you for your reply. Indeed, it is possible to call an external REST service. Is there an example for best practice?

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Hi Matthias,

I uploaded an Example workflow to the KNIME Hub for you.

The general idea of this workflow is to send the data of the last 24 hours to the Tableau Server, when ever the workflow is executed. To give an example I replaced the Database table with examples tables.

If this workflow is uploaded to a KNIME Server the execution of this workflow can be triggered via REST from inside Tableau. Therefore you can use an URL Action in Tableau. Below is a link to the Tableau Documentation for URL Actions. As URL you can use the request which triggers the workflow actions. To find our how the request looks like you can right click on the uploaded workflow a select Show API definition. This will open the swagger UI from where you can copy the execute request.



Dear Kathrin,

thank you very much for the example workflow. This is really helpful!

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