Triggering a workflow using REST API

I am trying to trigger a Knime Workflow (in the server) using the in-built REST API features. The workflow will use input parameters. The triggering system will be Power BI & intend to use POST statement. Can you help me understand the format/syntax to embed the authentication within the URI. Any other pointers around Power BI integration (PBI to Knime) will also be helpful.

When you right-click on a workflow that resides on a KNIME Server which is mounted on your Analytics Platform, you can select “Show API Definition”. This should give you some hints how to call the workflow. To pass parameters to the workflow, you need to add a Container Input (JSON) node. This will receive the body of the call to your workflow. Similarly, you can use Container Output (JSON) to send data back.
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Hi @Siva,
I hope Alexander’s answer helps. I just wanted to add that the Power BI integration only contains a node to send data from KNIME AP to Power BI. It does not handle REST Calls from Power BI.

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