Triggering and running workflows

Hello there; I have a group workflow. This is what I want or try to do;
each workflow should start when the node specified in the previous workflow is completed.
I tried a couple of ways, but no progress. It didn’t work the way I wanted. How can I solve this problem and send a simple workflow example.



Right click on the components and select “Show Flow Variable Ports”. Then connect the ports so each component will be executed after its previous one:


Hi Armin @armingrudd
does not work the way I mentioned. because the node does not move because the node is not green when there are no positive results in the group workflow.

I do not want this factor to hinder progress. The overall workflow should continue.
trigger and start the other group workflow when the reference node that I have specified in the group workflow results

I think we have discussed this before.

If you want the components to be executed one by one and at the same time any failure in any component does not halt the whole process, you have to use a Try/Catch Errors construct.

But yet, the Try/Catch Errors construct does not work with components. I hope this will be available in the future @ScottF?

For now, I suggest you not to use components and use Metanodes instead . Then you can use Try/Catch Errors construct for each metanode and connect all of them to each other.

try_catch.knwf (318.9 KB)


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Hi @armingrudd -

I wasn’t aware of this issue - I’m checking on it. Thanks for bringing it up!

EDIT: We actually do have a ticket for this (internal reference: AP-7376). I don’t have an ETA for a fix though.


Hi Armin; @armingrudd
Thank you for your interest. And the example you send to provide a solution under any circumstances will help me to produce an alternative solution. (You are great :))

Hello; @ScottF
The problem is, of course, that the workflow works with the referenced node in a wrap or meta node (without putting it), but the output is not active when any of the others do not work, even if our reference node is running when the workflow is wrap or meta node. I have tried many different ways and could not reach the conclusion. For now, I made a solution to wait for an estimated time with an external credibility. But this was not a very valid solution. I think it would be very useful to make it work with reference to the results of any node specified in the wrap or meta node.

workaround. but not the right solution

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Understood - we’re on it! Sorry for the inconvenience.


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