Triggering Knme Workflow via Rest API on Jupyter Notebook server


I am trying to execute my Knime server Workflow via REST API on my Jupyter Notebook. All the content that I found on this topic was about how to deploy a workflow on your local account.

Basically we are trying to figure out that if we had to execute out workflow on our client’s infrastructure, then how will we be able to do that?

Hi @priyanshijain98,

Can you please describe a bit more what you are trying to achieve? Are you trying to create a job on KNIME Server from a Jupyter notebook? If yes, you just need to make a POST request to https:///knime/rest/v4/repository/path/to/workflow:execution



So I have deployed my workflow on the server. My workflow has a value selection configuration node, which I used to parameterize my worklow. Now I want to execute this workflow either by terminal or by Jupyter Notebook in such a way that I can change the parameters as well at each execution.

Basically I want to trigger the workflow execution and change parameters via REST API, without manually changing parameters in the Knime Analytics Platform.