Triggering the re-execution option affects upstream nodes on the server.


we create various Applications for the KNIME server making use of the Components Interactive Views, Widgets, Refresh Buttons, Re-execution Options. We now realized that some of the components show an unexpected behaviour:

The settings of some widgets get affected when a widget with re-execution option is triggered, even though these nodes are not directly connected (or upstream of the respective re-executed Widget).

This behaviour is only observed on the server. On the local KNIME AP the component functionality is as expected.

I actually found the same behaviour mentioned in another KNIME forum post: Refresh button changing upstream calculations?

This behaviour really reduces the usability of the created applications. The workstation, the KNIME server and Executor are located on is quite fast.

I wonder if there is an update on this. Would be really great if there is a fix!



KNIME Server: 4.16.3
KNIME Executor: 4.7.2

Hi @Anjo,

this does indeed sound like the same behavior that we’re tracking internally as WEBP-919 (which will show up in our changelog once released).
However, for the time being, other tasks were prioritized so that I can’t share any updates yet. I have added you to the list of requesters/reporters so that we can prioritize accordingly.

Kind regards

Hi @marvin.kickuth ,

thanks a lot for your reply and update. Would be great if this can be solved in one of the future releases.



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