Trouble Converting Date String to Desired Format.

Hi, I am having trouble with the syntax using String Manipulator converting a columns values depending on a substring value.

For example, “Mon 7 16 2018” → “Mon Jul 16 2018” and “Tue 12 31 2019” → “Tue Dec 31 2019”.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @derron_foo,

and welcome to the Knime Forum. if I read correctly, you merely want to replace the month as a number by it’s short name. Here is a possible solution.

Though, I’d recommend using aa proper Date type instead of a string as it offers many aadvantages.

Here is the test workflow:



Hi @derron_foo , as @mwiegand said, using an actual Date would offer many advantages, and while converting strings to dates can be challenging, in this case I have a component that could assist:

For the dates you’ve included with your example, you’d configure it as follows, specifying the days of the week in the “ignore list”:





You can design a workflow with reference to the attached images.

Additionally, for your help, I have attached the workflow and the output result.

Trouble Converting Date String to Desi.knwf (16.9 KB)