trouble in connecting to sql server


i am using database node reader to coonect to sql server data base...i have loaded the jdbc driver and configures the node but i got the following error:

The TDS protocol stream is not valid.


what should i do to solve this error?

any help would be appreciated


My extremely pragmatic standard answer, worth trying: the official JDBC driver gave me issues as well - consider trying jTDS,, that solved everything for me. No idea why, though. :-)

Otherwise posting a detailed debug log will give the IT pros around here more insight...


thnanks,but it did not solve the problem

Then you might want to post a debug log for the experts to assess. Set Preferences / KNIME / KNIME GUI to "Debug", and your console will be flooded with detail.



it worked just fine on another system,i think that is because of several  older version of sql server instaalled on the first system........(sql server 2000,sql server 2008 and ......sql server 2014)

thanks alot ...........