trouble with hour string to date time


Hi I have some troubles, the format does not work, I don’t se what I am doing wrong

@nobaj you might very well have to convert the “a.m.” and “p.m.” into AM and PM with the Column Expression node

replace(replace(column("time_str"),"a.m." , "AM"),"p.m.", "PM")

then something like

hh:mm:ss a

Still not working :C

@nobaj well now you do not have any seconds but the pattern suggest you have. So you might have to come up with a consistent string or edit them beforehand or you might make seconds optional. And you might want to use just “en” as Locale

hh:mm[:ss] a
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I have tried that and did not work, change the locale to “en-US” and everything work like a charm, do you know what happened there? I mean, numbers has no language right?

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