Trouble with Subset Matcher


I have a vector with words (one element of vector has one word) and a vector with phrases (one element of vector has a lot of words). So, I want to find all phrases from second vector which has at least one word from first vector.

I transformed first vector to column of sets:

And I transformed second vector to column of sets (each set consists of words in original phrase):

On screenshots I marked by blue an example of result. In subset column I have set [budowa] and in collection column I see a lot of row which have element budowa inside.
But the result of Subset Matcher node is empty table:

I would appreciate some help with this problem.

Hi @dbolshev,
I am not familiar with the Subset Matcher node and I quickly tried it out with some dummy data.
May I ask you how many rows you get in output?

With my dummy data, I managed to get a populated table in output, despite the warning message “No matching subsets found for 1 out of 4 sets” in the console. This made me think that you should get at least 25913-11150 = 14.763 matches, according to your console message. Is that right?


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