Try Catch Block not working if Error happens in Model Port

Hi there,

I want to react to non deterministic read errors that appear occasionally if I want to read a model into a model reader node. If I restart the node everything is fine. So I thought it might do the trick to simply re-read the model in the case of an error. But the catch node does not seem to work if the error does not appear in the data port but in the model port. Is there a simple solution for this? Attached is a sample workflow.

Thanks in advance!

Ok, what I recognize is that my showcase lacks of a real exception. It throws only a warning. In the real world example a model reader occasionally fails with a real exception "Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream" that I am able to handle by putting a wait node in front of it. Seems to be a temporal problem if I try to read the model before it is finally written to disc.