Try Catch Error for warnings

I have a question related to that you guys hopefully might help with.

Is there a way to also catch warnings? E.g. I convert an integer column to string and then multiply this column by a constant. I get warnings and the node does not execute but the whole try catch also does not return the alternate result. The workflow simply does not get executed.

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Hi @Daniel_Weikert,
do i unterstand you correctly? You first convert a number of type integer to a string value und afterwards do a math operation based an that string value? Why you don’t try the other way arround?
That does make more sense for me.


Hello @Daniel_Weikert,

currently it is not possible with Try/Catch or any other sequence of nodes. Maybe this discussion helps:

Additionally there is a feature request to address it and will add +1 for you. (Internal reference: AP-14264).



Hi morhpeus,
the workflow itself has no meaning. I just need a flow to output a warning. I actually expected an error first because math on string is not supposed to work but the node threw only a warning and stopped. So I used that example. In general I mean each flow which outputs warnings

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Thanks Ivan
highly appreciate your help here. I add +1 for you :wink:
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