Try-catch stops running

I have implemented the following workflow:

The nodes marked with 1, 2 and 3 are likely to fail, in this case I want to send out an email (node 1006). If all runs successful, I also send an email, but to a different user with different content (node 677).
I use the try-catch nodes to check if an error occurred. If node 1 fails, the catch collects the error, however, as pictured above, if component 2 fails, the whole workflow simply stops and the catch node is not implemented. Why is that?


I am not sure what the component looks like but have you tried to have the try catch within the component?

Yes, placing the try-catch within the component would be also an option. However, the other nodes, the excel reader or the other component can also fail, and I would like to have only one try-catch pair, not 3. My understanding was that independently of how many nodes you have within the try-catch pairs, they should catch if an error occurs between them. So this looks like a bug for me, that the catch is not activated.

Do your components allow variables for input and output ports?

I’m not passing any flow variable into or out of the component. There is only tabular data exchange. Or did I misunderstand your question?

The Try port is connected via variable so I just wanted to make sure that component outputs do not block anything which could stop the workflow.

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If you are using try/catch nodes, the second connection can pass some information IF something wrong happened… thats for it… then you can use row split to set top or down path and conclude your email message with positive or negative information.

Did you try it?



@denisfi yes, I know that, I pass a variable if something wrong happened, and this variable is used in formulating the email. This way there is no need for row splitting. However, the problem is that the catch node never gets implemented, the wf gets stuck before.

@Daniel_Weikert ah, okay. The component only deals with local variables, but I will set that the outer one can flow in and out.

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