Try-Catch with Database nodes

I am having problem understanding how try-catch works in conjuction with Database nodes. For example (see picture 1), when I connect Try (Data ports) node to MySQL Connector node that tries to connect to nonexisting database, the Catch Errors node correctly uses input data on the second input port (eg. SELECT * FROM existing_table).

But what if I want to catch errors in Database Table Selector node (top one; see picture 2)? That is, the connection is succesful (database exists), but the table specified in query is nonexisting. In this case the node fails without catching exception and thus does not continue to Catch Errors node.

I am doing something wrong or it is just that some nodes work correctly with try-catch nodes and some do not?

(I have tried searching the forum for similiar topics, but I was unable to find relevant posts - may I ask what kind of search engine do you guys use?)

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