Try Catch with failing Excel Reader Node - can't activate alternative branch


I really have difficulties executing the alternative branch, when an Excel Reader node fails within a Try-Catch block.

Here’s a screenshot of my setup, I tried it both with and without Active Branch Inverter:

I also use an Empty Table Creator as I have assumed, I cannot start the workflow with a Try (Variable Ports) node.

Within the Component I have basically an Upload Widget which then should feed an Excel Reader, but these never get active (at least ‘red traffic light’) so I also cannot configure the Excel Reader Node.

What am I missing?

Here’s my workflow so far:

Thank you in advance!

@kowisoft what you want to do would look something like this. In your example both lines in the Try/Catch construct come from the failing Excel Reader so they both fail. You have to present an alternative. And if you want something based on that you might want to put this in a next step.


Thanks a lot @mlauber71 - your comment about both lines coming from the Excel Reader was what made it click for me.

Here’s a screenshot of what is working for me now:

Side note: eventually this workflows does not make as much sense locally as it would eventually on the KNIME Business Hub. But I forgot to mention that this was maybe also (kind of) the original purpose.

Again thanks for helping me.

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