Try to connect to sharepoint with multi-factor Authenticator

We are trying to connect by Business Hub with a sharepoint that have a multi-factor authenticator but we haven’t able to replicate the authentication by browser. If we run the authentication node with interactive authentication in the AP it works, but we don’t know how to access that way to authenticate in “Web portal”.

Hi lsandinop,

I understand that you have a workflow with MS Authenticator node and MFA in place that works well on your local KAP. Please share some more details about what you would like to achieve next when encounter the error you mentioned.

Thank you,

Hello @ACseresnyes
In effect, in AP the flow works because in the Microsoft Authenticator node there is a button that allows online authentication (Login button). When this button is clicked, authentication is done through a browser, and the node takes this authentication to be able to execute it and establish the connection. But this cannot be done from execution in Business Hub, or at least we don’t know how. I don’t know if it would be through OAuth2 Authenticator? And if so, could you direct us to the best way to do it?

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