Trying to count words from transcript

I am trying to insert a transcript, take each word from it and put it into one column, and the count the number of times the word appears. I split it by space right now after filtering out html and it shows the image above. Is there a way to get all these words into one column?

Hi @brendencampana

Interesting problem ! You have almost achieved what you aim eventually. I guess you have splitted your text lines into columns using the -Cell Splitter- node. When doing it, please rather check the “Output as list” option and then use an -Ungroup- node to generate a word per row as you need eventually.

I have implemented a possible solution that you can download from here:

[20220513 Pikairos Trying to count words from transcript.knwf|attachment]

20220513 Pikairos Trying to count words from transcript.knwf (38.5 KB)

Please reach out if you need further help.

Hope it helps.



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