Trying to delete some floating variables

Hi Guys,

I generate a lot of floating variables in one step of the workflow, but after I don’t need it anymore for later steps. However, I need a way to get out of those floating variables after the critical steps, but I don’t find something like a “floating variable filter node” to eliminate those unnecessary variables. The only way I have to do so is to use the process inside of the component, but it is not too handy in some cases.

Any ideas?



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@VAGR_ISK there is a feature request and a lengthy discussion with some suggestions and components and sample workflows:


Sounds like you might want to add a vote to this very popular topic :slight_smile: :

Thanks Scott for mentioning the vote.

I voted, but I don’t know if that will be ever done since your last comment in the post you referred is from 2020 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There are new comments in that thread as recently as a couple of days ago. It’s a little misleading since that thread has had other threads merged into it over time, which makes the timelines weird.

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