Trying to fetch data from url : url like ex:https:\market\globe\abc.xlsx

Hello Everyone,
i am trying to fetch from url and url is like suppose that https:\abc\xyz.xlsx is like that ,so i did knime flow .you can see in image.but i am not able read data automatic way how to i can read this url automatic way?
Actually, I want to see if my data is present on this website. If I execute any Node or Python code, it will automatically move for next node , after which I will read the latest data in final node look like

which node i can use for next one then i can read data automatically.

Hi @Rohit_208

If you got to the Excel Reader node and read from a Custom/KNIME URL, you can directly fill in the URL of the Excel sheet.

If the URL is derived from a somewhere else in the workflow, convert it to a flow variable and pass it to the Excel reader.

@ArjenEX Thanks
I got it