Trying to find all KNIME node icons as .png files...

I am trying to build macro / shortcut controllers to speed up working in KNIME. I can’t seem to find the node icon files within the program via a search in windows. I am finding all of the system control .png icon files, but the icons for each specific node don’t appear to be in there… I have checked in every file location that I can think of. Anyone know how I can find and isolate all of the Node icon .png files?

Also, I plan to start sharing controller profiles once I have a decent initial setup ready.

Maybe it’s to prevent people like me from sticking the official node icons on self-made components?

+1 from me! :upside_down_face:

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We might have something for you. Would you get in touch at ?


Will do! Thanks @qqilihq!

I’ll get in touch next time I want to make impostor nodes! Thanks

Sure – come one, come all :circus_tent:

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