Trying to learn some webscrapping but get stuck with an "execute failure" in the first step

I am trying to connect to (Registers | The Intellectual Property Regulation Board) to try and get a list of all the IP Registered Attorneys but could not connect with webpage retriever.

I also tried using the approach that @armingrudd nicely posted on a youtube video (Get the content of a web page in KNIME - YouTube) but I get stuck at the Xpath node

I am not sure why but I do not get the same XML in the preview as the one I can see on the web browser, could this be because the firewall of my organisation is preventing me to create that conection? or what is the problem?

Hi @B074534 ,

The webretriever is not the same as http retriever node… One of them came from nodepit extension pluggin partners.

If you can see it:

Each one have your own properties to setting up.

Hope thats help you…

Tks, Denis


Thank you for your kind reply Denis, I just managed to scrapped the data I needed from my personal laptop. I think the issue I was having was firewall related, in case anyone is interested here is the workflow I used:

I am really liking KNIME :stuck_out_tongue:


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