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I am trying to set up my workflow for a scheduled run, but I am running into some issues. Previously I had used the SMB connector node in tandem with the Credentials Configuration and attached it to my excel reader node in order to satisfy the credentials. However, I recently got an email that the SMB connector node is no longer being used. I am trying to reset up my workflows, but I am not sure which node I should use. I tried the KNIME Server Connector node, but the only server option is the KNIME server and I need to give direct access to the files located on my computer on a P drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi aksyracuse,

Could you please explain why the SMB Connector is no longer in use?
Additionally, please refer to our File handling guide for more information about the possible alternatives.

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I recieved an email that my credentials were not secure and then when I opened my flow it looked like the following:

So I went through and was trying to figure out a different way than using the SMB Connector

It appears that the extension to which this node belongs is missing. Please install the KNIME Basic File System Connectors extension and check your workflow again.
Who sent you the email about your insecure credentials?

It came from Here was the body of the email:
Dear User,

we would like to bring your attention to a crucial aspect regarding the workflow(s) you have uploaded to KNIME Server

Please find attached the list of the workflow(s).

You have saved credentials in nodes in your workflows. This poses a severe security risk because credentials are saved only weakly encrypted. We kindly ask you for taking immediate action:

  • Delete credentials in nodes. Depending on the workflow type, use the following alternatives:
    1. Scheduled workflows: Save credentials in the schedule options. Therefore, you need to make use of the Credential Configuration Node. In the Server Execution Options and tab Configuration options you can specify the credentials passed to the Credential Configuration Nodes.
    2. Data apps: At the moment, there is no other way than storing the credentials inside a workflow. However, you can make it more secure by putting those nodes into a component and lock the component with a key afterwards.

I will try downloading the extension and update you. Thank you for your help!

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