Tweet - News Heading similarties

Dear All, 

There are two separate columns in two separate tables. 
The first table contains tweets in the column and the second column contains news 

I want to check cross similarties in each one. 

I think I should look word similarities. 

Is it possible give me a nice example to do this research. I alreadt tried similarities search node but it did not give me correct answer I assume. Beacuse in somehow one tweet and one headline get 1 similarities score, however they are completly different words. 

Please help me to solve this problem.

Finally I will end up like this:

Date- Tweet - Date - Headline - similarities

Thanks for helping me. 

My best regards. 



Did you already take a look into our example server? This one might be a good start:

There is also quite some explanation in the section on the webpage here: 

Hope this helps, Best, Iris 

Iris thanks for help. I will check soon.

My best regards.

Dear Sir, 

I can do my best, how ever, results seems to me is incorrect. İf you have time, please give me advice to finish this project.

I sent my workflow. 

I use two different method which are mentioned text similarities.

But I think I am missing something.

Thanks for help.