A workflow to collect and visualise data from Twitter. Using the Twitter API, this workflow retrieves tweets that match specified search queries. It collates the results of repeated searches and provides a visualisation to assess the completeness of the dataset. You can visualise the collected data (or data acquired from elsewhere) in two ways. The temporal visualisation shows the volume of tweets created over time, and provides rich textual summaries of each timestep and peak period. The network visualisation creates a 'summary network' in which each node is a cluster of tightly connected users. Detailed summary information is provided for each cluster, and each connection between clusters. The purpose of these visualisations is to provide rapid insights about the content, network structure and temporal dynamcs of a Twitter dataset. The wofklow uses various R packages to produce the visualisations, leveraging the R integration capabilities of KNIME.

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Really a great effort to bring all the key nodes in such a comprehensive way… Just like to check and highlight that some of the linked tables like processed tables/clusters are not getting fetched… may be some of the process might have been missed but unable to track the issue…even post full reset…