Tweets by Country

I want to extract tweets by using geo-location filter / country.

For example I want to extract tweets based on my given list of words from Germany.

Attached is the knime file that I have been working on.

Can you please help me with that?

MultipleSearchCountry.knwf (34.5 KB)

@HansS @armingrudd you previously helped me with my queries… Can you please look into my question above ?

Hi @mcbenly,

You are already using the right approach. Row Filter can filter the tweets based on the “Country” or “User - Location”. What else do you need?


Its not working for me … Can you please test it on your side and fix it :blush: Thanks very much in advance

The workflow works fine. The problem (for me) is that there is no tweet from Germany. I got some tweets from US and the rest were missing.

Have you checked the output of the Tweet Search node? If there are any tweets from Germany, then the Row Filter node will include them.


P.S. Maybe it’s a better idea to work on the “User - Location” field instead. But some users have cities instead of countries, so I think you need a list of cities in Germany for example and match them with the location field. To provide a list of cities, you can search the web and find some APIs which provide a list of cities of the requested country.


Hi @mcbenly

The workflow works fine on my machine as on @armingrudd .

Suggestion: Add “university germany” to your Word_to_search column instead of just “university” it will increase the number of results. But I don’t know if that is what your are after? Because only a few people have their location activated in Twitter, the row filter , filters out a lot of tweets.

gr. Hans


Thank you both @armingrudd and @HansS for your response.
Basically I want to extract tweets from specific area, let’s say California state, or Texas. Germany was just an example.

Row filter is just filtering location after tweets have been extracted in “Twitter Search” node. But I want to extract only tweets from specific area, either by ‘country’ field or ‘user - location’.

I thought there might be a way to extract tweets for specific area.



You can do that by adding the “geocode:” parameter to the search query you are sending.

Example query which contains a geocode (latitude,longitude,radius):

education geocode:47.3781103,8.5473895,10km

Here you can read more:



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