Twitter analyze and character limition

Hello, I would like to twitter analysis. But results is limited. Example for tweet:“Hello World, How are you?” but knime is being seen as “Hello world, how are …”. I must see all of tweet characters. How can i do? thank you.

hey… Please help me.

Hello @Gego -

Could you perhaps post a bit more information regarding what you’re trying to do? An example workflow with associated screenshots of the problem would be helpful. Are you trying to import tweets, or post them?

(I should say also that there is currently a bug with the twitter integration where retweets - not regular tweets - that are longer than 140 characters get truncated when being read into KNIME. We have implemented a fix for this in our nightly build. Possibly that’s what you’re running into?)

Scott thank you for helps. I’m living a problem where Retweets. ! This is screenshot of my problem. Retweets is limited. For example; <<RT - Limited Text and “…”>> Can I see full text of RT?

Hi @Gego -

You’ve stumbled across the bug I mentioned. If you’re able to use our nightly build ( this problem should be fixed now.

At any rate, it should be addressed in the next release of KNIME Analytics Platform. Sorry for the trouble!

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Thank you. I’m downloading now. I will update this post If i live a trouble.

Hi @ScottF - I gather that the fix has not made it into the latest release? I am using v3.7.2 and am seeing the same behaviour.

Hi there!

You are correct. It will be included in 3.8 version. Currently it is part of nightly build.


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